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Empowering Growth with Data and AI

At Nimble Gravity, we leverage cutting-edge Data Science, Generative AI, and Digital technologies to transform challenges into growth opportunities, driving your business forward with innovative solutions.

What We Do

artificial intelligence

Generative AI

  • Create automated, generative AI agents, generate complex documents, intelligently extract and classify information, overcome your unique challenges.

  • Employ technologies ranging from OpenAI to Langchain to Azure Cognitive Search, and more.

Data Science

  • We leverage the power of data to provide actionable business insights
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics to make better decisions faster
  • Customer targeting and lead scoring

Digital Transformation

  • Building and growing omnichannel go-to-market models
  • Digitization of existing value propositions or development of entirely new, digital-first software products
  • Select the right technology and platforms


  • Work hand in hand with experts in software engineering processes to create project results tailored to your needs.
  • Build long term technical domain knowledge for your business.
  • We can help you build web and mobile apps, design and build APIs, build out full product teams, or act as a fractional CTO.


  • Obtain essential information about whom, how, and why people interact with your brand
  • Implement state-of-the-art tools to measure the traffic your site and apps receive
  • Get personalized reports with the most relevant data


  • Develop a data-driven e-commerce strategies that drive growth
  • With onsite wireframing, digital prototyping, and website development, customize a design that supports your customers and accelerates your earnings.
  • Market your e-commerce goods or services, understand what your conversions are telling you, and optimize your strategy.


  • Impact the top and bottom lines with digital innovation strategies
  • Digital presence, data science readiness and organizational assessments

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Trailblazers Wanted

If you’re ready to use your coding, data, and analytics skills to change the world, we want you on our team. Apply now and join the mission!


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What We Think

Tools for the Toolbox

A great question that we always are asked when talking with people all over Central and South America is "What advice do you give to people who are just starting their careers?"

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The Broad Applications Of NLG

A webinar on 'The Broad Applications of Natural Language Generation' or NLG. This cutting-edge AI branch is transforming industries globally, and we focused on how it is revolutionizing diverse sectors - not just marketing, but also legal, finance, operations, and more. We explored how NLG enables automated generation of human-like text, provides abilities to summarize content, and makes previously long and difficult content generation processes expedient and efficient.

Nimble Gravity Testimonials

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Nimble Gravity has been a strong partner in accelerating our software development cycles and enhancing product quality. They integrated seamlessly with our engineering team, filling gaps and increasing our ability to deliver impact. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to expand their engineering presence.!

Anant Gupta

Vice President, Engineering, Included Health

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Our partnership with Nimble Gravity has been very successful and allowed us to uncover business insights we couldn’t previously access. We love their flexibility and have executed some projects that generated distinct digital deliverables, along with other engagements that simply leveraged their ability to plug a resource gap for our organization.

Chad Hansen

Chief Marketing Officer & SVP/GM E-Commerce,
PurposeBuilt Brands

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The team at Nimble Gravity brought a breadth and depth of expertise to our ecommerce project that we just couldn’t find anywhere else.  From SEO to Conversion Rate Optimization to Data Analysis (including Google Analytics, A/B testing, Customer Segmentation, and Qualitative User Analytics), we could rely on the Nimble Gravity team to either have the answer or be able to get it quickly.  In very short order I came to view the NG team not as consultants, but as an extension of my internal resources, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone

Eric Moore

Director of IT, Legacy Touch

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Nimble Gravity has been a game-changer for Tribute Technology. Their expertise in data analytics and forward-thinking insights have not only driven our decision-making processes but also amplified our results in conversion rate optimization. Their meticulous approach to A/B testing and seamless migration to GA4 showcased both their capabilities and adaptability. Their strategic thinking, ideation and implementation of those ideas have had a significant impact on our growth. We are immensely grateful for their support and partnership and have been an invaluable asset to our endeavors. Thank you to everyone at Nimble Gravity for all your hard work and dedication. 

Andy Bourke

General Manager - eCommerce, Tribute Technology

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When working with an outside firm on just about any initiative, it’s rare when they combine unmatched expertise with unparalleled customer service. Nimble Gravity is that rare firm focused on delivering both.  


From ideation to conceptualization to implementation, they’ve guided us every step of the way. Many experts want to deploy their expertise in a “do that, don’t do this” manner, but perhaps what has been so rewarding in working with the Nimble Gravity team, is how willing and pleased they are to teach you the why as well as the how.

Understanding customer behavior to improve their experience while achieving your business goals is paramount in today’s digital marketplace.  There is no better company to help you with both objectives than Nimble Gravity. They have changed how we go about serving our clients and customers.

Matthew Ipsan

General Manager, AdPerfect – A Tribute Technology Company