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About Us

At Nimble Gravity, we leverage our deep expertise in AI to help companies across multiple industries accelerate their AI adoption and innovation. Our team of former operators in strategy, data science, generative AI, engineering, digital transformation, analytics, CRM, and e-commerce are dedicated to guiding your business through every step of your AI journey.

Our AI Acceleration Services

07 Artificial Intelligenge@1x
AI Overview

Our AI Overview workshop is designed for non-technical audiences to grasp the fundamentals of AI and generative AI. This session covers basic concepts, capabilities, and real-world use cases to help your team understand the potential of AI.

40 AI Gear@1x
Tech Enablement Workshop

Gain a deep understanding of foundational AI models with our Tech Enablement Workshop. Tailored for internal teams or product additions, this workshop includes technical architecture options for seamless implementation.

32 Neural Network@1x
Deep AI Assessment

Our comprehensive AI Assessment dives deep into identifying and prioritizing use cases for your organization. We develop a detailed AI roadmap and conduct an AI workforce planning assessment to identify gaps in people, processes, and technology.

34 AI Productivity@1x
Developer Productivity Workshop

Enhance your development team's productivity with our specialized bootcamp focused on tools like Copilot and Q. This hands-on training ensures your developers can leverage AI to boost efficiency and innovation.

48 User Choice@1x
Use Case Identification Workshop

We collaborate with your business to ideate and prioritize AI use cases through a structured process. This includes a high-level Gen AI Maturity Assessment, understanding your business processes, ideating potential AI opportunities, qualifying use cases, and defining success criteria.

28 Multi Agent System@1x
Generative AI Proof of Concept

Together, we will develop and deploy an initial AI pilot to demonstrate the potential and viability of generative AI applications within your business. From full project management, to team training, to KPI definition, as well as success measurement we'll help you build a strong case for broader AI adoption in your organization.


The team at Nimble Gravity has spent decades providing Data & AI, Transformation Strategy and Technology services to startups, SMBs, and Fortune 120 level companies.

Why Choose Us?

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With a team of seasoned AI experts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in AI across various industries. Our deep understanding of AI technologies and business processes ensures we deliver impactful solutions.


Success Stories

Our proven track record includes successful AI implementations across multiple sectors. Read our case studies and testimonials to learn how we've helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.


Industry Expertise

We have the capability to apply AI across various practice areas, including strategy, data science, generative AI, engineering, digital transformation, analytics, CRM, and e-commerce. Our cross-disciplinary approach ensures comprehensive AI solutions tailored to your needs.

The creativity that comes from this work is truly impressive and what can drive our business forward.
Our partnership with Nimble Gravity has been very successful and allowed us to uncover business insights we couldn’t previously access.
Their strategic thinking, ideation and implementation of those ideas have had a significant impact on our growth.
dougSaundersCIOarcticGlacier chadhansen andyBourke
Doug Saunders, CIO @ Arctic Glacier
Chad Hansen, Chief E-Commerce & New Ventures Officer @ PurposeBuilt Brands
Andy Bourke, General Manager - eCommerce @ Tribute Technology

Case Study

Learn about our success with AI Data Entry through our detailed case study. Discover how we helped a business streamline their data entry processes and achieve significant efficiency gains.

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Matt Ranta

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