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Revolutionize Your Customer Support with AI Automation

AI can revolutionize your customer service experience, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.  Our experts specialize in automation with AI and autonomous agents, to automate data entry and other time-consuming tasks, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional service.

AI Data Entry

AI Data Entry is transforming how businesses manage information. By automating data entry, AI minimizes human error and significantly reduces the time spent on these repetitive tasks. This not only improves data accuracy but also frees up valuable human resources to focus on more strategic activities. Our advanced AI solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate productivity gains.

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AI Order Entry

Streamline your order management process with AI Order Entry. We can build AI-driven systems that can automatically process orders from emails, forms, and even voice commands, ensuring that your customer orders are handled swiftly and accurately. This reduces the risk of errors, enhances customer satisfaction, and speeds up order fulfillment. Imagine a system where orders are processed instantly, without manual intervention – that’s the power of AI Order Entry.

AI Process Automation

Take your business efficiency to the next level with AI Process Automation. From managing customer inquiries to processing complex transactions, AI can handle a wide range of tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention. Our AI solutions are designed to adapt to your specific needs, automating routine processes and allowing your team to focus on more critical functions. Whether it’s email management, voice-to-customer experience software, or any other repetitive task, AI Process Automation can transform your operations.

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AI Data Entry Case Study

Automated Order Entry for Highly-Seasonal Ice Business

Gen AI Process

Client produces and delivers a massive amount of premium ice a year to supermarkets, mass merchants, grocery stores and other businesses.




Every summer, when demand for their products is highest, Client must dramatically expand the number of people in their customer service team to handle incoming orders via phone calls and emails.


To process unstructured inbound requests into meaningful information, Nimble Gravity leveraged Generative AI, performing what had only previously been possible with manual effort, resulting in the ability to handle summer peak demand without additional resources.


Nimble Gravity created a frictionless digital experience with user-led features such as seamless document upload, a suite of search filters and proactive contextual notifications. This was done in 10 weeks time, has a business value of $1 Million, and will maintain high service levels during a peak business season with no need to rapidly hire, train, and deploy new staff.






Less Seasonal Employees

"The creativity that comes from this work is truly impressive and what can drive our business forward."

Client CIO

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Unlock Your Growth

If you're ready to explore how AI can revolutionize your business processes, we're here to help. Our team of experts will work with you to identify areas where AI can make a significant impact, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your unique needs. Let's discuss how we can help you automate your manual processes and take your customer support to new heights.