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Having the right tools is crucial to enhance your measurement strategy. In this blog series we talk about different topics to enhance your strategy: 


Here are some tools for 2024 that can help you analyze and improve your products/services. 


Tool 1: FullStory - Deep dive into user behavior  




FullStory is unique because it gives you more context about how users interact with your platform. It goes beyond the usual tools by letting you relate recordings to specific events.  

This helps you understand your platform better and make improvements. 


Main features and functions  

  • Session recording: FullStory records all sessions, allowing us to replay user interactions. This feature helps us to understand how users navigate and to find problems that we can fix.  
  • FullStory conversion funnel: the analysis breaks down the user journey step by step. By considering abandonment points, you can determine how many potential conversions you lose each year. 
  • Error tracking: To maintain a smooth user experience, it is important to catch errors immediately. FullStory's bug tracking provides information about technical issues in a simple way for your IT team. 


When to integrate FullStory into your analysis tools.  

Comprehensive user understanding:  

  • Scenario: You want a 360-degree view of how users interact with your website.  
  • Why FullStory? FullStory's session recording allows you to watch how users navigate your website. Using in-platform events, you can analyze which users are progressing or stopping in the conversion process.  



Tool 2: Session Stack - Illuminating User Journeys Through ML  




Session Stack is a useful tool that employs Machine Learning in its technology. It condenses many recordings into a single paragraph. It shows how users interact with your digital assets. This helps you troubleshoot and improve them.  

Main features and functions  

  • Session Replay: Session Stack allows you to replay user sessions, providing a visual walkthrough of their interactions. This feature helps you find problems, learn how to use the website and improve your digital interface.  


When to integrate Session Stack into your analytics tools  

Detailed analysis of the user journey:  

  • Scenario: You need detailed analysis of user journeys on your website.  
  • Why Session Stack? Machine Learning enables Session Stack to analyze hundreds of user sessions and provide a comprehensive summary of their behavior and common friction points. This allows you to focus on fixing issues and experimenting with detailed analytics. 



Tool 3: Crazy Egg - Visualization of user interaction  




Crazy Egg is one of the most used tools to measure user interaction through heatmaps, scrollmaps and user recordings. Being more used in the first mentioned. Its main advantage is how easy and intuitive it is compared to the rest of the tools. 

Main features and functions  

Heatmaps: These are screenshots of your platform and show you the interaction of your users regarding clicks and scrolls in key places of your platform. Helping you understand the major points of engagement to make better design decisions. 

Scroll maps: Understand how far users scroll through your pages. This feature helps optimize content placement and ensure that crucial information is visible to users.  

A/B Testing: Crazy Egg enables A/B testing, allowing you to experiment with different page variations. This feature helps you make data-driven decisions about design and content changes.  


When to integrate Crazy Egg into your analytics tools  

Content placement optimization:  

Scenario: You want to make sure important content is well placed on your pages.  

Why Crazy Egg? Heatmaps show how far users scroll and if they convert, giving insight for optimization. 



Tool 4: Hotjar - Revealing user intent  




Hotjar is a tool that helps us understand how users behave on our website. It uses heat maps, session recordings, surveys, and polls. It helps you understand not only what users do, but also why they do it.  

Main features and functions  

Heat maps: Visualize user interactions, clicks and scrolling to understand which areas of your pages attract the most attention. Use this data to optimize your design and layout.  

Surveys and polls: Collect information directly from users through targeted surveys and polls. Understand user preferences, pain points and expectations.  

Conversion funnels: are used to analyze the user journey and improve the conversion process by identifying abandonment points.  


When to integrate Hotjar into your analytics tools  

Qualitative feedback collection:  

Scenario: Collecting qualitative feedback is crucial to make informed decisions.  

Why Hotjar? Surveys and feedback polls are popular tools that quickly capture user sentiment on your platform. 


Choosing the Right Tools for 2024: A Strategic Approach   

To succeed in digital analytics, match your tools to your goals and address specific challenges. FullStory, Session Stack, Crazy Egg, and Hotjar are important tools for understanding user behavior and improving digital experiences.  

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