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We believe that digital transformation isn’t just eCommerce, online lead generation and marketing – we take a wider view that it can mean entirely new business models that aren’t even possible without digital.

· We believe in customer-driven decisions and user-centric design. If you’re not digitizing for them, why are you digitizing?

· We believe almost every business is underinvesting in their online presence and should be innovating on the web for the basics like eCommerce, Lead Gen and Content Marketing and pushing the boundaries with new, digital-only capabilities.

· We believe the world of omni-channel sales is now a necessity. Manufacturers and brands must sell direct online and through their traditional channels. We believe the fear of channel conflict is overblown.

· We believe the web will never take a lesser role than it did today. The shift to digital is permanent and has been accelerated by the current COVID-19 crisis. There is massive upside for online engagement, online sales and new online business models.

· We believe that, for B2B, over 50% of the customer’s decision process happens before they ever speak to your sales reps. They are researching and evaluating your company, products, and offering online. And comparing offers from your competitors.

· We believe SPEED MATTERS MASSIVELY – both the speed of your site but moreover the pace of your digital innovation. If you’re not exploring – trying lots of experiments, making some mistakes and failing fast, you’re falling behind. Nimble wins.

· We believe Data matters – and that most companies are not leveraging their own data well, much less the amazing proliferation of other data now available to enrich your data and decisions. AI and ML are often over-sold, but applied intelligently, these tools are extraordinarily valuable.

· We believe that data-driven decision making partnered with the power of modern technology can accelerate the growth and profitability of almost any business.

· We believe in Cloud and SaaS. Going further – we believe Cloud and SaaS companies and their technologies are leading the way in tech innovation. There are only a couple of businesses who should say “we host our own email” these days, and that’s because they host it for everyone. If it’s not core to what you do, don’t do it.

· We believe in creating a great place to work. We want people to be leveraging their strengths and learning every day, whether that’s innovating for our clients or on top of a mountain.

· We believe honesty is helpful and efficient. We know we are not always right – so we have “strong opinions, weakly held”.

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