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Attention all marketers, product managers, and developers: It’s (sadly) time to say goodbye to Google Optimize, it is getting turned off before the end of 2023.

Google announced today that Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will sunset this year, on September 30, 2023. Any experiments and personalizations still active on that date will end and all historic data may be lost.

Google Optimize, which was launched over 5 years ago, has been a valuable tool for businesses to easily test and improve their user’s experiences.

The end of this platform is approaching quickly and it’s important to start planning for a migration to a new technology as soon as possible. There are several alternative client-side testing technologies and our team can help you identify which is the best fit for your organization. The Google Optimize sunset may be a big opportunity. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

Alternatives to Google Optimize

AB Tasty – This is an easy-to-use client-side, multivariate testing tool that is affordable and can be integrated with Google Analytics. When compared to Google Optimize, AB Tasty’s statistical significance calculator may seem lacking and reaching definitive test results may require additional work.

Adobe Target – This enterprise-grade experimentation tool is one of the best in class for multivariate testing and client-side personalization. The upside of Target is that it is robust and powerful, but the downside is that it is costly and works best with Adobe Marketing Cloud tools rather than Google Analytics.

Apptimize – If you were primarily using Google Optimize for mobile browser experimentation and/or native mobile applications, Apptimize is an intuitive tool for A/B Testing and feature release management (both web and server-side). Apptimize integrates with Google Analytics and other analytics providers.

Convert – Convert offers enterprise-grade testing and personalization tooling at budget-friendly prices. Convert is great for many small- to medium-sized organizations that want and provides integration with Google Analytics. Unfortunately, there are no free versions of Convert.

Kameleoon – Kameleoon is quickly being considered one of the top A/B Testing tools in the market alongside VWO and Optimizely. Kameleoon is packed with features and provides client and server-side testing solutions that can be easily used by marketing/product teams and developers alike. It integrates with Google Analytics, but there is no free version of the tool.

Optimizely – Optimizely is the front-runner of this list for several reasons and is currently the industry leader in the A/B testing space. It is used by some of the biggest brands in the world for both web and server-side testing given its robustness and scalability. Luckily, Optimizely is offering a one-time-only migration services discount for current Google Optimize users given their ability to integrate with Google Analytics. Optimizely also boasts a stats engine that provides unparalleled in-test analysis of running tests to help you declare winning test variants faster than most other tools. Nimble Gravity is also an official solution partner of Optimizely, so we can help you navigate what plans are best for you.

VWO – Another leader in the industry, VWO has positioned itself as a powerful A/B Testing and Personalization tool. VWO has recently focused on improving usability for developers and has a great user interface. VWO is less well-suited for marketing teams running experiments as their WYSIWYG editor has historically been challenging to work with compared to other tools.

Why is Google Optimize being turned off?

Google has yet to define exactly why they are turning off Google Optimize, but it is highly likely related to the upcoming transition from Google Analytics 360 to Google Analytics 4. Google has stated they are investing in future A/B testing tools powered by Google Analytics 4 but have yet to identify what that tool will be and when it will be available.

Regardless, the process of planning any technology migration is a challenge and requires strategic thinking, and Nimble Gravity is here to help. We can help identify the best alternative technologies for your organization and technology ecosystem to ensure you can continue optimizing conversion rate, improving user experience, and personalizing your product.

If you ever found your organization limited by the capabilities of Google Optimize, its exodus may be a fantastic opportunity to get more serious about A/B Testing.

If you need help transitioning to a new A/B Testing platform and would like to learn more about Nimble Gravity reach out today to speak with our experimentation experts at Nimble Gravity has the experience and expertise to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible – let’s make the most of your digital experimentation together!